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In GSL we understand the importance of preserving the good state of your refrigerated cargo from the moment we receive your container to the moment in which it arrives to its destination. We know you need modern, reliable, clean equipment that provides a precise control of temperature. If it is a perishable or pharmaceutical cargo of high value, our experts ensure that your cargo remains in optimal conditions, no matter when or where.

Types of Reefer Containers

The most common Reefer container permit to define a fixed temperature with a tolerance of +/- 2ºC and within the range of -25ºC to +25ºC. While that is good enough for most products, there are cases in which lower temperaturas and other conditions are needed. Therefore, it is necessary to use more specific Reefer containers, such as:

  • Super Refrigerated: are Reefer containers equipped with a better engine and more efficient insulating material, which allow to keep the merchandise up to 60ºC. This is a very popular equipment in traffic with Japan (tuna, swordfish, etc.) and some pharmaceutical products.
  • Controlled Atmospher0e: Reefer equipment which permits to keep specific atmospheric pressure in order to, for instance, control fruit ripening process. Some of these containers also allow to provide high humidity.
  • Ventilated: these sea containers are fitted with thermal insulating and engines that provide high ventilation. They are an ideal solution for transporting products like onions, potatos, dried garlic, coffee, etc.