Transporte de carga aérea

La modalidad de transporte indicada para envíos urgentes o productos sensibles.

Air transport has many advantages, although at a significantly higher cost than other means of transportation.

Advantages of air cargo transportation

  • Speed: Air transport is the fastest and most immediate solution to unscheduled, unforeseen or urgent situations.
  • Security: This medium minimizes the risk of damage due to its low accident rate.
  • Cost reduction: Warehouse costs can be avoided by transporting the goods directly to the airport for loading into the aircraft hold.
  • Global network: You have the possibility to take your goods to more destinations worldwide thanks to more than 40,000 airports in the world. No physical barriers.

Air Freight transportation, When is it necessary?

There are shipments that cannot wait or products that are more convenient to ship by air. Here is a list of goods that you should consider shipping by air:

  • Perishable or soon-to-expire foodstuffs.
  • Products of high value, fragile or requiring custody such as vaccines, jewelry, biological samples, and other medications.
  • Regular replenishment for on-demand businesses.

Why contract Global Shipping Logistics’ airfreight service?

We are agents and members of the main worldwide air cargo transportation alliances, which allows us to offer the guarantees to choose and manage the most suitable air transportation.

At Global Shipping Logistics we consider airfreight transportation to be a highly exclusive service, therefore, we strive to offer the fastest, most direct transit, as well as the best cost opportunities. 

Thanks to our global agents and our vast experience in the field, our air freight forwarding department provides a complete logistics package.

Check our air freight rates.

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