International Freight Insurance

Because we understand how important it is to guarantee your investment.

What is International Cargo Insurance?

International Cargo Insurance is a contract by means of which the insurer assumes the damages and material losses occurring to the transport material and/or objects transported during transportation by air, sea and/or land.

Although International Cargo Insurance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to insure the transported goods against any risk that may exist during their transit from the origin to the final destination.

Why take out International Cargo Insurance from Global Shipping Logistics?

Global Shipping Logistics’ International Cargo Insurance provides protection against risks derived from accidents, breakdowns or any other criminal act to which your merchandise may be exposed while in transit by air, sea and/or land, inside and outside the Republic of Peru.

In addition, at Global Shipping Logistics we have different contracting modalities for one or multiple shipments, with warehouse to warehouse and all risk coverage, under the institute’s “A” clause, plus the institute’s War and Strike clause.

ICC type A: What is this clause?

The Institute Cargo Clauses clause a or ICC type A are all-risk coverages for loss or damage with some exceptions, such as those caused by wear and tear, improper packaging, delays, insolvency, war or strikes, for which additional coverage can be made.

What does Global Shipping Logistics International Cargo Insurance cover?

✓ Damage to the goods due to any fortuitous event.
✓ Load and unload.
✓ Temporary warehousing up to 30 days.
✓ Accident to means of transportation (AMT).
✓ Gross malfunction.
✓ Robbery and/or assault.
✓ Nature risks, and more.

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