Roll On Roll Off (RORO) or rolling load

Shipments for oversized cargo projects

What is Roll On Roll Off?

Roll On Roll Off or RORO vessels are vessels that are specifically designed to handle long, wheeled cargo such as cars, trucks, construction machinery and bulky items. 

RORO vessels have ramps that allow cargoes to be rolled or handled across them for loading onto the vessels when they are in port. These vessels stop at a dock and lower the ramp allowing the cargoes to be rolled. This method is usually the safest and least expensive method of handling oversized or special project cargo.

Ro-ro or Lo-lo What is the difference?

The difference is in how the goods are loaded or unloaded: While on the ro-ro ship, vehicles and goods are loaded and unloaded via ramps built into the stern (rear) of the vessel (although on some ships they are also located at the front – on the bow side – or on the sides); on the Lo-Lo ship, the goods are loaded via a crane.

Advantages of a ro-ro boat

A Roll On Roll Off ship offers a number of advantages over traditional ships, the most important being increased speed and efficiency for the shipper and carrier. This is because, cars and trucks can be driven directly to the ship at one port and then driven to the other port. In addition, being customs sealed units, they can cross borders with minimal delay and integrate well with container and other transport developments. 

Why use Global Shipping Logistics’ roll-on/roll-off service?

Our team manages oversized loads using RORO or LOLO methods. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the subject, we optimize time and costs in the disassembly of rolling loads to be shipped and then reassemble them once they arrive at their destination.

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