Consolidation in containers of all your LCL (Less Container Load) cargoes.

The best alternative for low weight or low volume cargo without the need to hire an exclusive container.

What is Consolidated Freight?

A consolidated load (LCL) is a shipment that does not fill a full container, therefore, it must be shared with other shipments. The costs for this type of cargo are based on a price per weight or volume.

How does Consolidated Freight work?

Consolidated freight works in a similar way to modern courier services, where packages (in this case goods) arrive at a warehouse, are loaded onto the transport with a common destination or route, making efficient use of the same trip.

It is also a good alternative if you are looking to buy goods from different suppliers, for example, because you can instruct them to send them to the same warehouse, and that is where they are consolidated and sent to the destination of your choice. In this way, shipping, route coordination and transportation are optimized.

Benefits of consolidated freight

  • It is more economical in recurring shipments. Ideal alternative for SMEs.
  • Reduces procurement process times, inventory of slow moving goods and warehousing costs.
  • Maximizes profits by filling unused space in trailers and shipping containers.

Why contract Global Shipping Logistics’ consolidated cargo service?

At Global Shipping Logistics we put at your disposal our global network of agents to offer you the service of container consolidation of all your LCL (LESS CONTAINER LOAD) cargoes.

Freight consolidation services combine small shipments (LCL) that will have the same port of destination and help you reduce shipping costs. At the destination port, we carefully deconsolidate the cargoes and deliver them to the final destination.

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