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We respect the legal regulations today so that we do not have to worry about audits for the next four years.

Customs clearance, What is it?

Customs clearance is the set of formalities involved in international transportation to control, coordinate and approve the entry or exit of goods into or out of a given territory. 

Customs clearance applies to any import or export operation that crosses a country’s borders and includes a process focused on the declaration of information related to the cargo being transported to the customs authorities. This declaration includes, mainly, the type of goods, the consignees or the route to be taken.

Why hire a customs clearance service?

By entrusting the customs clearance process to experts in the field, such as Global Shipping Logistics, you will not have to worry about customs inspections for the next 4 years.

Our services are based on the planning, speed, security and transparency of the customs procedures that we carry out in the different customs offices of our country, which allows us to optimize time and costs.

In addition, we represent our clients before the Customs Authority in the completion of their clearances, complying with a set of customs formalities necessary for the goods to be submitted to a customs regime.

We are specialists in the main customs regimes:

  • Import Regimes: Importation for consumption, Reimportation in the same state, Temporary admission for re-exportation in the same state.
  • Export Regimes: Definitive export, Temporary export for re-import in the same state.
  • Processing Regimes: Temporary admission for inward processing, temporary export for outward processing, drawback, replacement of duty-free goods.
  • Customs warehousing regimes.
  • Transit regimes: Customs transit, transshipment, reshipment.

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