Goods Receipts

Taking precautions gives us an advantage against the friend of the stranger

Goods receipt, what is it?

The service of securing goods in land transport is one of the most important stages in the logistics chain.

Due to the increase in the rates of assaults, robberies, vehicle and driver kidnappings, the service of safeguarding merchandise has become much more important to prevent these types of risks.

Why hire Global Shipping Logistics’ freight forwarding service?

At Global Shipping Logistics we work with partners who provide us with agents who have received the highest level of training from the Peruvian National Police, the Peruvian Armed Forces and the United States Armed Forces. In addition, they have training in deterrent management and urban combat that added to the fleet of all-terrain vehicles and interconnected with the Control Center (C5i) result in an immediate monitoring and reaction that is given in conjunction with the National Police of Peru.

Advantages of the goods receipt service

  • Highly qualified personnel.
  • Different types of safeguards to suit your needs.
  • C5i Control Center interconnected with our fleet.

Want more information?

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