Our comprehensive logistics service is all-in-one

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can coordinate shipments from the shipper's factory to the consignee's premises or warehouse, with door-to-door coverage.

We offer our clients the alternative of channeling all the services they may find in the market.

Why contract our integral logistic service?

At Global Shipping Logistics we offer the alternative of channeling all the services involved in the logistics chain. In this way, we coordinate all the cargo distribution in a safe and efficient way under a single coordination and invoicing, with the purpose of simplifying the operative processes.

Benefits of integrated logistics services

  • Faster: With the integrated logistics service, our customers enhance the operations that bring more value to their business, while we take care of optimizing the logistics chain of your goods.
  • Lower costs: Knowing each link in the supply chain helps to take measures to improve and optimize any process, resulting in lower logistics costs.
  • Control and follow-up:  Integration allows you to meet your customers’ needs more promptly, as well as to act quickly in the event of possible incidents and problems.

Our integral logistic service includes:

  • International Transportation
  • Regional Transportation
  • Local Transportation
  • Air/Sea Terminal Service
  • Inbound or Outbound Customs Clearance
  • Port Agency (Ocean) / Airline Handling (Air)
  • International Freight Insurance (upon customer’s request)

Our team specialized in integral logistics consolidates all the services involved in the import and export operations of your merchandise, in order to offer you the most competitive rates in the market.

Tell us your requirements and we will provide you with the best solution in the market. 

Request your quotation for the integral logistic service.

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